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How Long Does SARS-CoV-2 Last on Surfaces? What We Know COVID-19

 It’s on everybody’s mind, to some extent, right now. If a surface is contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2virus, how long does it pose a risk of infection? The virus is thought to mainly spread through respiratory droplets. These are produced in a cloud when a person coughs or sneezes, or even talks. Some potentially-virus-laden droplets might end up getting breathed in by other people in the vicinity. But many of them end up landing on objects like door handles or water faucets.  When that happens, infectious disease experts refer to that door handle as a fomite. And if a person then touches the fomite while the virus is still infectious, they can then spread it to new surfaces, or actually infect themselves. Fomites aren’t just for viruses -- any type of pathogen can create fomites -- but we’re talking about viruses… obvious reasons. The good news is that SARS-CoV-2 virus particles don't last forever -- or even all that long. Eventually, the protein coat that allows the virus to actu

Corona virus, the latest news or updates from Italy and the world

All updates on the spread of Covid-19 on Saturday 21 March
by Valentina Santarpia, Chiara Severgnini

The numbers of the contagion in Italy are still rising: in all, since the beginning of the epidemic 53.578 people have contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus and the victims are 4,825, 793 more than the day before (here is the latest report released today , Saturday 21 March, by the Civil Protection). And Prime Minister Conte has decided to further tighten the limitations . Meanwhile, the government is considering banning outdoor sports and reducing shop opening hours . On the international front, for the first time since the epidemic, China has not experienced any "domestic" infection and quarantine is loosened in Wuhan (here is the map with the global trend). The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide has exceeded 275,000, with nearly 11,400 deaths, according to John Hopkins

6.38 am - Rwanda prohibits leaving home and closes borders
Rwanda announced on Saturday evening the confinement of its population and the closure of the borders to stem the coronavirus epidemic, among the most drastic measures adopted so far in sub-Saharan Africa. With 17 cases of infection, the country has now banned all unnecessary and closed transfers from all borders except for the traffic of goods and the return of Rwandan citizens to their homeland. So far, six deaths have been reported in sub-Saharan Africa: three in Burkina Faso, one in Gabon, one in Mauritius and one in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More than 500 infections have been reported in the region since March 20, according to authorities in various countries, including 200 in South Africa, the highest number of cases on the continent.

5.06 am - Japan, salt increases infection
Sudden increase in cases of coronavirus infections in Japan. The health minister reported 40 new cases, bringing the total number of infections to 1,055. The list includes 14 people among those who have been repatriated on special charter flights from the Chinese city of Wuhan and five new cases of Japanese citizens who have returned from European countries, including Italy. The latter cases were detected at Tokyo's Haneda airport: these are three young people who have returned from Spain, a 40 year old from France and a 20 year old who had been to Italy. The five were transferred to a hospital and placed under observation. Meanwhile, the Tokyo metropolitan government has confirmed the death of an 80-year-old woman infected with coronavirus and suffering from hypertension. To date, the death toll in Japan is 44: 36 infected within the country and eight aboard the Diamond Princess; 61 people are in serious health conditions, including 12 passengers who were on the ship.

4.21 am - France, Chamber votes on the state of an emergency
To respond to the economic tsunami and the health emergency caused by the coronavirus, the French Parliament will meet again on Sunday 22 March in small numbers after the deputies of the National Assembly voted overnight on the emergency bill to tackle the epidemic. The text establishes in particular the state of health emergency which allows limiting public freedoms for two months. It also authorizes the government to take a number of measures to support businesses and to take action to postpone the second round of municipal elections. However, disagreements remain with the Senate, which the parliamentarians of the two chambers will try to iron out before reviewing the text. In its version modified by the Shareholders' Meeting, the bill also foresees to tighten sanctions for French people who do not respect confinement: a fine of 135 euros in case of violation of the rules; 1,500 euros in case of recidivism "in 15 days"; in the case of «four violations within 30 days» it will be an offense «punishable by a fine of € 3,700 and a maximum of six months in prison».

3.31 - Celebrate 18th birthday at home, 9 young people reported in Qualiano (Naples)
The carabinieri of the Qualiano station and those of the radio section of Giugliano, in Campania, reported 9 people, all of age, who despite the prohibitions gathered in a house in via Giulio Cesare to celebrate an eighteenth birthday. Loud music has made some neighbors suspicious who alerted the carabinieri. The birthday boy, residing elsewhere, apologized to the military confessing that he organized the party in that house because it was equipped with a very powerful stereo system.

2.02 hours - USA, third country for number of cases: 25,000
With over 25 thousand positive cases of coronavirus (25,493), the United States surpasses Spain and becomes the third country by number of infected people, after China and Italy. Within 24 hours, approximately 8,000 new cases were registered. The death toll is 307.

1.10 am - Gaza authorities announce the first two cases
The authorities in Gaza confirmed the first two cases of coronaviruses in the Strip: two Palestinians returned from Pakistan were infected.

00.57 hours - Hospital of Agrigento, 4 cases between doctors and patients
Alarm in Agrigento for a coronavirus outbreak that developed from the cardiology department of the San Giovanni di Dio hospital. An auxiliary was tested positive. A similar result, after death, for a seventy-year-old patient who had been hospitalized since February 25 and had undergone coronary angiography by the doctor of Hemodynamics who then turned out to be positive for Covid-19 as well. Before these three cases, a 76-year-old woman hospitalized for heart problems and then proved infected despite having almost no symptoms had tested positive.

11.25 pm - Conte: «All unnecessary production activities closed»
"From the beginning I chose the line of transparency and not to minimize. It is the most difficult crisis that the country has been experiencing since the second post-war period, "said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in a direct Facebook. "Today we decided to take another step," he added. "And it is to close all production activities that are not indispensable throughout the country". Conte therefore extends the rules that had anticipated the Lombardy Region and the Piedmont Region. The measures will be valid until April 3. “Supermarkets and grocery stores and basic necessities will remain open. Even pharmacies, parapharmacies, banking, postal and insurance services will be insured ». For the rest, the only way of working will be that of smart working.

10.50 pm - Landini: «We ask the government for an act of further responsibility»
"The CGIL, as it has always done so far, asks the government for an additional act of responsibility to prevent people's fear from turning into anger: all activities that are not essential must be suspended". So the general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini at the end of the videoconference that was held tonight between the government, unions and businesses.

10.45 pm - Confapi: «Ok to close the non strategic activities»
The president of Confapi (Italian Confederation of small and medium private industry) Maurizio Casasco, after the videoconference with President Conte and the social partners, made it known through a note: "Today more than ever we must be a single country, health is a common good that must be protected in the North as well as in the South. Therefore, in the name of responsibility and unity of purpose in the fight against Coronavirus, we agree to close all activities, obviously leaving truly strategic companies open and delegating to the Prefects the task of verifying the implementation of these provisions and all particular needs ".

22.30 - Conte announces a direct Facebook
"I will be live on my Facebook page shortly to give you some updates," wrote Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Twitter.

22.00 - Abruzzo at work for a stop to non-essential activities
The regional council is working to issue an ordinance that will require the closure of all non-strategic activities and the limitation of the hours and methods of carrying out the permitted activities. The president of the region, Marco Marsilio, reads in a note, "hopes that the government will finally accept the requests of the regions. Alternatively, Abruzzo will do it alone and the president will issue the ordinance that offices and councilors are currently completing ".

9.50 pm - Lorenzo Sanz, ex president of Real Madrid, dies
Lorenzo Sanz, who was president of Real Madrid between 1995 and 2000, passed away. He was 76 years old. The Spanish media report it. Sanz had been hospitalized since March 17 and had tested positive for the swab. Here the complete article

21.40 - Sanchez: «We will have difficult days»
«The diagnosed cases and deaths will increase in the next few days, very hard days await us. We have to get very strong at the end of next week ». Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said this in a speech to the nation on the coronavirus emergency in Spain.

9.00 pm - New squeeze in Piedmont
A further squeeze on the measures necessary to combat coronavirus has been decided by the Piedmont Region. The order, operational from tomorrow until April 3, will be signed in the evening. "We close everything that is possible based on the powers of the Regions", explains Governor Alberto Cirio. Here the details and the list of activities that will be closed, by the Corriere Torino editorial staff.

8.43 pm - Paolo and Daniel Maldini positive for coronavirus
Paolo Maldini and his son Daniel are Coronavirus positive. The manager of the AC Milan technical area and the Primavera striker underwent a tampon yesterday for Covid-19. Here the in-depth analysis by the Sport editorial staff.

8.38 pm - 83 year old Felicita Chiambretti, mother of the presenter
Piero Chiambretti's mother, Mrs. Felicita, has passed away. The 83-year-old woman was hospitalized at the Mauriziano Hospital in Turin, together with her son for having contracted the coronavirus. Here the complete article.

20.33 - Lotto stop, Supererogatory and slot
New tightening for the containment of the coronavirus infection. The Customs and Monopolies Agency has ordered the suspension of certain games such as lotteries or slot machines. Among these, we read in the provision, «the suspension of the game operated with electronic slot machines, in addition to the stop for Superenalotto, Superstar, Sivincetutto Superenalotto and traditional Lotto from the end of the competitions on Saturday 21 March 2020; `Eurojackpot´ whose suspension, with immediate effect, is extended to the modals

20:09 - Lombardy: ready ordinance with new limitations until April 15th
"The Lombardy Region, in agreement with the mayors of our territory, with the trade associations and with the social partners, has decided to issue an ordinance with which new stringent restrictions are placed to counter the spread of Coronavirus". This was announced by President Fontana. The order comes into force tomorrow and takes effect until April 15. Here all the details and the complete list of activities that will be closed.

20.05 - Positive an agent of the escort of the Prime Minister, but Conte is negative to the buffer
The Adnkronos agency reports that a police superintendent of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's escort tested positive for the coronavirus test and was hospitalized at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome. Sources of Palazzo Chigi however report to Ansa that "in recent weeks there has been no direct contact" between the agent and the premier and that "contacts with the other men of the escort are not of concern, as they have always been respect the social safety distances and all precautions ». "The President Conte", it is learned from the same sources, "in recent days has carried out a buffer that has given a negative result". Here the complete article.

19:43 - Over 5,000 cases in Great Britain
The number of coronavirus positive cases in the United Kingdom rises to 5,018, according to the updated budget at 9 am today, compared to 3,983 recorded up to 9 yesterday morning. A thousand more in twenty-four hours. The British Ministry of Health reports. To date, a total of 72,818 people have been tested for coronavirus, with 67,800 negative results.

19.41 - Amazon limits orders: «Only basic necessities»
Amazon decides to focus its ability "on products that have the highest priority and, starting today, we will temporarily stop accepting orders on some non-essential products on both and". So in France and Italy. Amazon announced it in a note adding that "all orders already confirmed will be regularly delivered". Here the article

19.30 - The Prosecutor evaluates to apply harsher rules on violations of the decree
The Ansa agency has learned that the Milan prosecutor, led by Francesco Greco, is considering applying a harsher rule for the Coronavirus emergency than article 650 of the penal code, i.e. article 260 of the consolidated text of the health laws, which punishes those who do not observe an order "legally given to prevent the invasion or spread of an infectious disease". An offense that provides for a joint penalty of arrest "up to 6 months" and a fine of up to € 400. And that is not "oblable", like the other offense, that is, you cannot pay to cancel it.

19.25 - 5,000 dual circuit fans in production throughout the country
"5,000 dual-circuit fans are already in production for the whole country," announced the commissioner for the coronavirus emergency of Emilia-Romagna, Sergio Venturi. The devices, which allow to ventilate two patients instead of one, are produced by the Intersurgical of Mirandola, in the Modena biomedical district, and will be approved by the Siare of Valsamoggia, in the Bologna area.

7.16 pm - Positive Dybala
Paulo Dybala also tested positive for Coronovirus. The Juventus player himself recently announced this with a post on social media that reads: "Both I and Oriana (the Argentine's girlfriend, ed) have tested positive at Covid-19. Fortunately we are in perfect condition ». Here the in-depth analysis of the Sport editorial staff.

19.09 - The father of «patient 1» dies
Mattia's father died yesterday, the 38-year-old first coronavirus positive result in Italy. From what has been learned, Father Moreno is one of the 62 victims of the epidemic in Castiglione d’Adda, one of the ten municipalities in the "red zone" of the Lodi area. The death of dad Moreno comes just as his son, who for weeks has been in serious condition in intensive care at San Matteo in Pavia, is about to be discharged, as confirmed in the press conference today by Councilor Gallera.

19.00 - There is no evidence of a virus mutation
«From the virological study data of the isolates to date we have no evidence that there are mutations of the virus, either in Italy or in other European countries. I tell today why this epidemic is new, we are studying and learning ». This was said by ISS president Silvio Brusaferro at the Civil Protection press point.

6.45 pm - In Wuhan some shops reopen
The Chinese city of Wuhan, hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic, will reopen businesses to residents in an orderly fashion. Local authorities said so yesterday. According to the Wuhan Municipal Commercial Office, businesses in residential communities and villages where there are no confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19 will be able to resume operations. These mainly include supermarkets, convenience stores, fresh food stores, fruit and vegetable stores and others that supply basic necessities. Each family will be able to send one person a day to go shopping with a certificate valid once or an electronic health code. Each shopping trip will be limited to two hours.

6:35 pm - ISS: «Tax compliance with the measures, no loopholes»
«Respect for the measures taken by the government is imperative, it is a strong signal to say that we have not yet taken the danger seriously enough. There are still situations where gatherings are made with the excuse of taking a walk. Loopholes harm us and our loved ones and the most fragile people are the elderly. We need mechanisms for systematic compliance with the measures, without which we will not be able to ease the spread of the virus ». Silvio Brusaferro, director of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità said so.

18:29 - Video conference in progress between government, unions and companies
A videoconference comparison is underway between government, unions and businesses. "A week after the signing of the shared protocol - writes the CGIL - we sent, with CISL and UIL, a letter to Giuseppe Conte asking for verification and to evaluate the possible need for more rigorous measures to suspend non-essential activities". Meanwhile, the Lombardy Region, the most affected by the coronavirus infection, evokes the "Codogno model". President Fontana is considering closing all businesses, with the exclusion of supermarkets. Companies would remain open. Here the complete article.

6:09 pm - The Bulletin of the Civil Protection
As every day, the Civil Protection provided data on the epidemic: to date 53,578 people have contracted the virus in Italy (6,557 more than yesterday). The victims are 4,825: in the last 24 hours 793 people have died, a new sad record. The healed are 6,072 (+943 compared to yesterday). Here all the data of the bulletin.

17:43 - Germany: 822 billion plan
Germany plans an economic support plan of € 822 billion to stem the economic consequences of the pandemic. This is what emerges from a bill.

5:37 pm - In the United States 21 thousand cases, more than half in New York
At least 266 patients have died from coronavirus, while the positive cases are over 21 thousand: it is the latest update of the situation in the United States. Half of the cases are in the state of New York, which has exceeded 10 thousand. The Big Apple has 5,683, with 43 dead. President Trump has approved the state of disaster for New York: the order will allow access to federal aid by state and local authorities. "We will celebrate the victory against this invisible enemy in the not-distant future," he promised in a press conference with the coronavirus task force, where he returned to calling the Covid-19 "Chinese virus".

5.15 pm - The center-right calls for "exceptional" measures in Lombardy
"The emergency in Lombardy is reaching unmanageable levels for the healthcare system which, despite all implementations, is reaching the limit of capacity and efficiency of care. Exceptional measures need to be taken. We will support the Region in all the restrictive measures it decides to take. We appeal to the Government to actively collaborate by giving reliable and swift answers to the prompt requests made by President Fontana ». The Lombard deputies and senators of Lega, FI, Fdi, let's change it! and We with Italy.

16.55 - The Lombardy bulletin
25,515 people are positive for the new coronavirus in Lombardy, +3,251 compared to yesterday. Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera said this during a press conference.
Among the sick, 8,258 are in hospital (+523), 1,093 among them are in intensive care. Patients discharged increase: 4,235 in total. Among them soon there will also be "patient 1", assures Gallera: "Mattia is much better, he will be discharged by Monday at the latest".
Then comes the "data that hurts the most", in the words of the councilor: deaths are growing: 3,095, +546 compared to yesterday. "We hope that everything we are putting in place will soon lead to an improvement," said Gallera, "from Monday onwards the experts have told us that we can hope for a reduction in the infections, we hope for it. But we must be increasingly diligent ". Here is the complete bulletin in the article by the editorial staff of Corriere Milano.

16.35 - 3 million masks are coming
About 3 million masks are arriving in Italy for today. The ANSA news agency learned this from sources of the Farnesina who specify: 1.2 million will arrive in the afternoon from Egypt, 40 thousand from India, 1.5 million pieces and 100 lung fans from China, while about 1 will leave from Russia a million masks.

4.15 pm - The alarm of the doctors of Piedmont
"The situation is serious: in the coming days it will be dramatic." The Piedmont Medical Association wrote in a letter to the government. "Please take urgent action to support the region to allow us to tackle the epidemic from Covid-19, which continues to spread with exponential values ​​in our cities." After the alarm from Governor Cirio, the Order of Doctors asked the government "to put us in a position to do our job. We are exhausted. The beds in intensive care and in the wards are starting to run out: some colleagues are desperate ».

4.00 pm - Conte: «Already 3500 replies to medical notice, thank you»
"Yesterday we launched an extraordinary appeal to create a task force of 300 doctors who can operate in regional healthcare facilities, strengthening the action of those who are exposed to the front lines fighting against Covid-19 in these hours. It is one of the answers put in place to collect the alarm cry launched by the hospitals of the regions and provinces most affected, where doctors, nurses and volunteers are working tirelessly ». Giuseppe Conte writes it on Facebook. «The online call will expire tonight at 20.00 and is open to all doctors of the National Health Service, affiliated structures and freelancers. There are already over 3,500 doctors who have responded to the appeal, a number that is growing by the hour, "said the premier, who added:" Thank you all, heroes in a white coat ".

3.40 pm - Deputy Minister of Economy: "Refreshments for sectors most affected in April"
«With the 25 billion so far we have implemented the suspension of taxes. In April we will provide partial refreshment for the sectors most affected ». The Deputy Minister of Economy, Antonio Misiani, confirms the words of Gualtieri on the hypothesis of fiscal restorations by the Government in April.

15.30 - The site to follow the construction of the hospital in Milan Fair
The website created by Fondazione Fiera Milano is online to provide daily updates on the hospital set-up activities that will be carried out in the next few days in Halls 1 and 2 of the Portello, at Fieramilanocity. The site is "a real window on what is happening in the 25 thousand square meters of surface made available by Fondazione Fiera Milano to face the emergency of the coronavirus epidemic", explains Fiera Milano Foundation.

3:03 pm - Motor activity, in Turin allowed within 1 km
Individual motor activity in the municipality of Turin is allowed within one kilometer of your home. For operational purposes for checks by law enforcement and local police on the application of the latest government order to contain coronavirus infections, this is the interpretation of the Provincial Committee for the Order and Public Safety ( Cosp) of the standard that allows motor activity in the vicinity of one's home. Veneto has instead given a more restrictive limit: within 200 meters from home.

15:02 - The appeal of the Bergamo mayors: "Let's really stop"
“The time has come to stop, but for real. We trust in you ": this is the appeal signed by the 243 mayors of the Bergamo Municipalities, starting with the first citizen of Bergamo Giorgio Gori, sent to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and to the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana. "At the moment - they explain - we believe that the adoption of courageous new restrictive measures may represent the only and desirable solution for a tragedy that seems today, that the contagions increase relentlessly, have no end".

14:53 - Fedez: «Monday ready for the San Raffaele department»
The new intensive care unit of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan will be ready on Monday. Fedez announces it on Twitter, which also publishes a video of the department. «It's hard to imagine that until a week ago this was a sports field. A real little miracle. Go on!" Fedez writes

2:27 pm - US reports 007 warned Trump about the danger of viruses
US intelligence agencies issued repeated alarms with classified reports in January and February on the worldwide danger posed by the coronavirus while Donald Trump and also many MPs - despite the information received - minimized the threat and did not take actions that could slow down the spread of the virus. The Washington Post writes, citing US executives aware of the 007 reports.

14:24 - France, 900 thousand checks and 39 thousand fines
Since the confinement in France following the Covid-19 pandemic came into force, 867,695 roadside checks have been carried out and 38,994 fines have been imposed for unjustified exits. These are the data of the Interior Minister of which BfmTv reports. The fine for those who do not respect the insulation at home is 135 euros.

2.00 pm - High fever in a nursing home in Bologna
At least 20 people including health workers and elderly people from the nursing home Sant'Anna and Santa Caterina in Bologna have a high fever and some have been hospitalized. A suspected small outbreak of coronavirus, which the unions report today with a letter sent to the mayor Virginio Merola, the prefect Patrizia Impresa, the Ausl and the Labor Inspectorate. Also because in that structure, so far, "no precautions" would have been taken against covid-19 infection.

1:25 pm -Minister: in one day 223 thousand checks, almost 10 thousand fines
According to the latest data released by the Interior Ministry, on Friday 20 March 223,633 people were checked and those reported for "non-compliance with the Authority's provisions" were 9,888. There were 260 people reported for reporting the forgery. 91,129 controlled businesses and 104 registered operators: 19 businesses were suspended. The number of persons controlled from 11 to 20 March thus rose to 1,650,644.

13:00 - One in ten patients has a lab coat
The list of health workers infected with coronavirus continues to grow: yesterday, according to the latest data provided by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, there are 3,654 positives, an impressive number: almost one in 10 patients in Italy has a lab coat. It is doubly worrying, both for the lack of health care and, above all, for the risk that infected doctors may involuntarily act as a vehicle for the infection. Only among doctors, there are at least 18 victims: the portal of the federation of doctors' orders (Fnomceo), which has been listed for days in mourning, publishes the updated list, a Spoon River of professionals who literally fell on the field. Starting with Roberto Stella, head of the Training Area of ​​Fnomceo, and president of the Omceo of Varese. And then Marcello Natali, Fimmg Secretary of Lodi.

12:45 pm - Spallanzani: 215 positive, 21 more serious
"There are a total of 215 positive 19 Covid patients. Of these, 21 need respiratory support." So we read in the medical bulletin issued today by Spallanzani of Rome. "There are 324 patients discharged, who have passed the clinical phase and who are negative for the search for the nucleic acid of the new coronavirus. The patients discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures are at this morning 67. In the day further resignations of asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic patients are expected ".

12:14 pm - In 10 days almost 1,500 reported in the Lecce area
1,456 people were reported in ten days by the carabinieri of the province of Lecce for failing to comply with the safety rules for containing contagion from Covid-19. In all, 6,645 people were controlled since 11 March, the day the decree came into force. The people were reported because they provided an unbelievable justification or did not provide it at all, as in the case in Campi Salentina where the military stopped a man who had justified his presence on the street saying he was going to work, in actually he had brought his dog to do the grooming.

12:05 pm - Grottaferrata, a positive nuns institute
«Another 20 nuns and a security officer were positive. Virtually the whole Institute of Grottaferrata is positive and it is necessary to continue isolation in close collaboration with local health authorities ". Alessio D’Amato, the Councilor for Health and Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region.

11:55 am - Hamilton on Instagram: «I'm fine, I have no symptoms»
"I read a lot of speculation about my health after two people I contacted tested positive for coronavirus. I want you to know that I'm fine. I have no symptoms and I am training twice a day. 17 days have passed since I saw Sophie and Idris. I spoke to my doctor and asked if I should swab. But the truth is that there is a limited number of tampons and there are people who need them more than I do. " So the F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, in a post on Instagram. “So the thing I did is to isolate myself and keep my distance from people. The most important thing every person can do is to be positive, to keep social distances as much as possible, and to wash their hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds, "Hamilton concluded.

11:45 am - In Zogno 78 dead in a month, only 20 officers
The mayors of Bergamo have repeated it several times in recent days: the number of coronavirus victims is much higher than official data. And the case of the Municipality of Zogno, in the Brembana valley but bordering, beyond the mountains, with Nembro and Alzano Lombardo seems to prove it. Zogno has 8,800 inhabitants and since February 22, therefore a month ago, 78 deaths have already been recorded. But of these, only 20 were officially Covid-19 patients. For the others, apart from the `natural 'deaths, there would therefore be a large number of deaths that occurred at home or in any case for people for whom there was no time or possibility of swabbing. "We feel powerless in the face of this tragedy - underlines the mayor Selina Fedi -. Every evening, when I think of the pain of my country, I have tears in my eyes. I don't like telling the facts through numbers, because here we are talking about people, people I know and who I usually met on the street. We are talking about our loved ones. Today the only way we have to treat each other is to stay at home. I hope that these frightening numbers also help to understand the extent of the emergency ".

12:43 pm - Spain, 21,828 cases, 100 more dead than yesterday
The number of coronavirus cases in Spain has risen to 21,828, 1,848 more than yesterday. The data, updated this morning, is reported by El Pais online. There are 1,117 dead, over 100 more than yesterday.

11:24 am - Gdf: «50 thousand controlled persons, 1,200 complaints and 3 arrests»
About 50,000 people were checked by the Guardia di Finanza departments in the field for the coronavirus emergency and of these 1200 were reported in various ways while three were arrested. The military also proceeded to check the regularity of the operations carried out by approximately 40,000 legitimate businesses at the opening, denouncing 151 legal representatives and applying administrative sanctions in 52 cases. The main infringements "concern art. 650, "failure to comply with the Authority's provisions", art. 495, "false attestation and declaration to Public Official", art. 496, "false declarations on the identity and personal qualities of oneself or others". "

11:02 am - Room: "After golden years, now you have to have courage"
«Today we are called to resist because Milan has not yet been touched by the spread of the virus like other Lombard cities and it cannot be, for our health, for our loved ones, but also because you imagine the collapse of a 1 million city and 400 thousand inhabitants what would produce on the health system, would be a disaster ». The mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala said it in the usual video message on Facebook. "Dear Milanese, we have lived golden years - he continues -. I occasionally go back to the Expo to console myself. Now we are in a moment of difficulty but the difficulties must be faced with courage ».

10:35 am - The Abruzzo village with a record of cases
Four deaths in a few days, dozens of cases out of just over two thousand inhabitants and now also the positive mayor at Covid-19, in Castiglione Messer Raimondo, a village in the province of Teramo hard hit by the Coronavirus emergency. To announce his positivity is the same first citizen, Vincenzo D’Ercole - the youngest mayor of Teramo, one of the youngest in Abruzzo and Italy - who says: "I'm fine, but quarantine is needed". Castiglione, together with five other municipalities, has been included in the red zone identified by the governor Marco Marsilio. "My movements on the territory were made with all the personal protective equipment - writes the mayor on Facebook - but from now on I will continue to deal with this emergency on my territory from home, avoiding exposing other people to the risk of contagion. I send you a warm greeting reminding you, today more than yesterday, that it is essential to stay at home », he concludes.

10:29 am - Bertolaso: «Task force for regional structures launched»
"The establishment of the task force of 300 doctors has begun, which will work to support regional health structures for the implementation of the necessary measures to contain and combat the Covid-19 emergency." Guido Bertolaso, consultant to the Lombard governor Attilio Bertolaso ​​to build the temporary hospital in Fiera Milano, writes it on his Facebook page.

10:24 am - 70 coffin on military vehicles in Bergamo
There are about seventy coffines that were loaded onto army trucks this morning to be transferred from the cemetery of Bergamo to other areas in the north, especially in Emilia Romagna for cremation. Fifty are expected at 2 pm in Ferrara, where they will be distributed between the Certosa di Ferrara and the cemetery of Copparo. Even today Bergamo will therefore witness a new, dramatic procession of vehicles, such as that of the evening of 18 March, with the coffins of loved ones for whom it was not even possible to organize a funeral, because the rules to counter the spread of the coronavirus forbid them.

10:01 am - Albania, circulation completely suspended
The Albanian government has decided to impose a total ban on the movement of people and vehicles this weekend. From 13.00 today, until 5.00 next Monday, all types of activities will be stopped, while as announced by the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, in addition to the police, Army soldiers will also be operational to ensure full compliance with the restrictive measures. taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.

10:00 am - Mattarella: «Hope is prevailing even in a difficult year»
"March 21, spring day, even in this difficult year is a day of hope that we must assert against those who hope to steal." This was stated by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the Day of Memory of all the victims of the mafias.

9:51 am - Infected the most famous Chinese footballer
China's greatest footballer, Wu Lei, was infected with the coronavirus in Barcelona, ​​where he plays for Espanyol. The 28-year-old external striker tested positive, has "mild symptoms and is currently under treatment," the Chinese Football Association (CFA) has announced. Wu Lei is in self-isolation in her home in the Catalan city. At home he is considered the pillar of the national team and is the only Chinese footballer who plays in one of the five major European leagues.

9:38 am - Identity card for runners
During the checks to verify compliance with the rules for containing coronavirus, you can ask for the identity document to those who go to run to check compliance with the rules that provide for staying close to home. This was explained by the mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, commenting on the order signed yesterday by the Minister of Health Speranza, which closed parks, gardens and outdoor areas throughout Italy.

9:30 am - Coldiretti brings fruit and vegetables home
From the Val d'Aosta to Sicily, farmers in the markets, farmhouses and farms of Campagna Amica have activated home delivery services, so as to guarantee, especially for the weaker sections of the population, weekly food shopping with fresh and quality. An initiative by Coldiretti that will also allow you to avoid the lines in front of shops and supermarkets. From this weekend in Rome from the farmer's market to the Circus Maximus, the home delivery service with the "pantry saves pantry" is active, calling on Sunday and Monday or Tuesday to Friday, from 10 to 14, the two telephone numbers (3357465885 - 3386977928) ; two versions of the packages available, 15 and 30 euros. In Milan they come home from the Porta Romana market, with food packs of 30 and 40 euros. Peasant delivery at home also in Naples, with collection points where citizens will be able to collect the parcel ordered on the phone.

9:21 am - Bergamo, other military vehicles for coffins
Other military vehicles reached the monumental cemetery of Bergamo this morning to take away the dozens of coffin that lie in the mortuary and in the church, because the crematorium oven cannot cope with this period of coronavirus emergency. Only yesterday there were 88 deaths in the Bergamo area. "We hope that the light at the end of the tunnel will begin to be seen, for now it cannot be seen," commented Mayor Giorgio Gori.

9:02 am - Guatemala, "non-essential" industries stop
Guatemala's president, Alejandro Giammattei, has announced the partial closure of the country's industrial activities to deal with the coronavirus emergency. "We have agreed with the Chamber of Industry on a voluntary arrest of non-essential industrial activities in the country for an eight-day period," Giammattei said in a message to the nation. The measure will enter into force on Monday, but will not affect the food, pharmaceutical and "all those related to the manufacture of hygiene and health products".

8:46 am - In the port of Savona the Costa Luminosa
The Costa Luminosa cruise ship left the port of Marseille yesterday evening shortly after 7:00 pm arrived in the port of Savona. According to what has been learned, there are about 720 people on board (719 were disembarked in Marseille, assisted by the shipping company), some with symptoms. On the quay, the maritime health authority that will have to decide whether to declare the ship "free" or "contaminated". According to what has been learned, asymptomatic passengers will be taken to their home where they will have to carry out the self-isolation period for 14 days.

8:34 am - Palermo, long lines at supermarkets
Supermarkets stormed in Palermo. Long queues are registered as a result of the provision that closes the stores for tomorrow. People started lining up as early as 6.30am.

7:40 am - In the USA 19 thousand infections and 260 deaths, new measures
On Friday evening, President Donald Trump declared the state of "serious disaster" for the city of New York in the context of the coronavirus emergency. According to official data, 7,845 people were infected in New York State alone, more than 2,000 more sick than on Thursday. In the United States, however, the bulletin speaks of 19,624 cases of contagion and 260 deaths (data updated at 11.59 pm on Friday 20 March, local time). Starting on Sunday evening, the closing phase of all the businesses considered "non-essentials" will start in New York State.

7:30 am - Milan, queues in front of supermarkets
After yesterday's queues in supermarkets all over Italy, in Milan even today, outside the stores, people started queuing around 6.30. At the Esselunga in via Fuche ', one of the best known, the queue already winds for almost the entire block, and people continue to arrive. The store should open at 7.30 am and close at 8 pm Esselunga, which has reduced its schedule slightly, has announced priority entrances for doctors and nurses.

7:15 am -Greece, schools closed until 10 April
The Greek government has decided to extend the closure of schools, universities and educational facilities for another two weeks, until April 10, to counter the advance of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Greek newspaper Kathimerini reports it.

7: 00- First two deaths in Singapore
Singapore experienced the first deaths related to the new Coronavirus: two people - a 75-year-old woman from Singapore and a 64-year-old Indonesian man. Both victims had past illnesses. According to the official bulletin issued yesterday by city-state authorities, the number of Covid-19 patients is 385.

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